How to buy?

Your quote request can be made through the website, e-mail or phones, informing the code of the desired product. The first purchase must be paid in advance. We provide for individuals and companies.

Who pays for the shipping of my purchase?

Shipping is borne by the buyer and is calculated according to the weight of the order.

What is the delivery time of the purchase?

After order confirmation, in up to 10 days the purchase will be available for collection by the carrier. As for shipping, the carriers do it. The delivery time is according to the time established by the transport companies.

What are the payment options?

Bank transfer, deposits, or checks.

  • After sending the product, we monitor and inform constantly our customers until delivery.
  • The shipment of products is done by outsourced carriers, so we are not responsible for any delays in delivery, and it must be handled directly with the carrier hired by the customer, according to your delivery zip code.