The new General Data Protection Law – GDPL (Brazilian Law number 13,709)

Embalpharma Company is always concerned about protecting our customers’ data.

Responsibility and respect for your privacy have accompanied all of our activities for a long time and the importance of the GDPL and its new requirements created by law are already framed in our processes and policies.

In practice, this means that Embalpharma* will continue to treat your personal data correctly and securely but will also adopt new dynamics capable of documenting this zeal and meeting the rights guaranteed to you by GDPL.

This Information, based on that term, updates our old Privacy Policy in order to demonstrate to you, the usual transparency we always carry out on the treatment of your personal data.


This privacy policy seeks to demonstrate:

  • The types of personal data we collect about you,
  • How this collection is carried out and for what purpose,
  • With whom the data is shared,
  • Where the data is stored and how,
  • Who has access to them,
  • What security standard is used for this information,
  • What security software the company uses for the databases,
  • Who is the operator responsible for the sector,
  • What to do with the data deleted from the system,
  • What are the customer access channels for the company,
  • Your rights as a data holder.

This privacy policy applies to any personal data processed by Embalpharma Company.


What are the principles that we respect in order to take care of your data?

Our company processes your personal data considering the principles of good faith, adequacy, necessity, free access, data quality, security, prevention, non-discrimination and, most importantly, effective transparency.

To browse our website, it is not necessary to register as a user.


What are the fundamentals for the care of your personal data?

The processing of personal data, carried out by the Embalpharma Company, will be based on legal grounds and will occur appropriately for the purposes of its collection.

The processing of your personal data will be carried out to:

  • Compliance with legal or regulatory obligations,
  • Regular exercise of rights in trials,
  • When it is necessary for the execution of the contract signed with you, or for the necessary procedures to celebrate it,
  • Consultation and credit protection,
  • Legitimate interests of Embalpharma,
  • Prevent fraud.

In other cases, the processing of personal data will be subject to your consent.


What type of personal data is collected?

  • Full name, business name, ID number, addresses, telephone contacts, profession.
  • Contact information for the delivery of the product: telephone number or address.
  • Marketing surveys: information and opinions collected in surveys by the Embalpharma company.
  • Other information collected on registration forms or in communication with us by email, phone calls, etc.

Information collected through the use of cookies could be obtained to prevent fraud.


How we use your data

The processing of your personal data may have the following purposes:

  • Confirm your identity and address,
  • Improve your experience as a client of Embalpharma Company,
  • Provide the services and products offered efficiently,
  • Guarantee your safety,
  • Send marketing actions,
  • Offer products and services that benefit you, with your right to choose not to receive such information,
  • Respond to your requests through our service channels and commercial managers,
  • Build a database to carry out statistical studies for the formation of the knowledge base,
  • Prevent fraud.


With whom can we share your data?

The exchange of your personal data will occur exceptionally, in order to comply with legal and / or regulatory obligations, or if you request it. This exchange can also be carried out with Embalpharma´s partner institutions, service providers and information technology providers. A good example of this is sharing your personal data with companies that specialize in identifying fraud when you use our platforms.


How do cookies work?

Cookies are Internet files that temporarily store your interaction with our virtual environment. We use cookies to:

Always provide a better browsing experience and enable personalized resources, such as targeted advertising and additional information of interest;

Improve our understanding of how to navigate through our website so that we can identify improvements that may benefit your time;

The storage period of your browser will depend on the type of cookie. Some will last as long as you are online, while others will last longer.

If you do not agree with the use of cookies, it is possible to disable this function, in accordance with the procedure indicated by the manufacturer of each browser. To safely delete cookies, you need to contact or look for the procedure on the manufacturers’ websites. If you configure your browser to reject cookies, you will not be able to use all the personalized navigation functions offered by the website, as well as face operational problems.


How long are we in possession of your data?

We will keep your data for as long as you have a link with us. As soon as this link is terminated, we will keep your data for as long as necessary to comply with the legislation.


What precautions have been taken in order to protect your data?

To protect the security of your information, we have adopted security measures for the treatment of all personal data collected, especially sensitive personal data.

These technical and organizational measures have been implemented to prevent unauthorized access, accidental or intentional manipulation, loss or destruction of your personal data.


All users of Embalpharma Company websites are connected to the local network managed by a firewire server in the PF-Sense system.

The data is stored through the Protheus system of the company Totvs S.A. being the only and exclusive access by the users and controlled according to the access levels of the system and the DB by the Responsible Technician.


What happens to the deleted data from the system?

Data deleted from the system is erased from our servers and excluded from the registry on local machines. Furthermore, they do not remain anywhere on the premises of the Embalpharma Company.


What are the customer access channels to register with the company?

Website, Instagram, Facebook, E-mails, WhatsApp and by telephone calls.

Purchase orders generated by the client’s system, confirmation of the proposal sent by email, NIMBI system (username and password sent by the client).


What are your rights as the owner of this data?

Embalpharma Company will guarantee to you, the owner of the personal data, the exercise of the rights provided in the applicable law, including:

  • Confirmation of the existence of the processing of your personal data,
  • Access to this data,
  • Correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data,
  • Anonymization, blocking or elimination of unnecessary, excessive or processed data in breach of the law,
  • Portability of your personal data, upon express request by email from the person in charge,
  • Obtain information on public and private entities with which Embalpharma Company shared your data,
  • Revocation of consent, when appropriate.

Please note that some of these rights must still be detailed and regulated by the National Data Protection Authority, so that Embalpharma Company can properly comply with them.



To exercise your rights and access more information about the processing of your data, send an email to the person responsible for the processing of personal data: Willian Felipe Rodrigues –


Still have doubts?

If you have further questions related to this Privacy Policy or wish to contact us for any other reason, access the “Contact” item that appears in the menus of the website and send your questions through the form. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.



If you want your data to be erased, updated or if you want to see if it is stored, click here.